Through the use of meeting software, you may relieve your staff of the burden of organizing meetings for the entire team. Going digital allows you to save a ton of time and guarantees that all necessary business documents are accessible online from any device.

Instant, Searchable Access to Current Information

Hours for bankers are a thing of the past. These days, commerce is conducted 24/7. (and night). The ability to update and access information at any time from any location is necessary for both the staff members who are in charge of creating documents and reports and the directors who must examine them.

Board portal software should make it simple to update and search for crucial information around-the-clock, whether it be policies, agendas, or meeting minutes.

Doesn’t Need Assistance from the IT Department

Your IT division has a lot of work to perform. You shouldn’t extend that list with your board meeting solution. Look for a turnkey board meeting solution that is simple to use and that anyone with a basic understanding of computers can access and update.

Role-Based, Secure Access

Committees and the board of directors need access to private information that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. A decent board meeting solution should include versioning control, so it’s simple to identify who modified what and when, as well as secure permission, so that only appropriate committee members can access documents.

Polling and Voting

A rapid vote or poll might help resolve a deadlock or settle a crucial question. Establishing everyone’s support is a breeze with the virtual polling feature. Choose a format from the list, add your question and the voting options, and send it to your board members, just like that.

Encourages Teamwork

Between meetings, board members communicate with management and among themselves. To promote more collaborative governance, make sure the board meeting solution you select centralizes communication and records it with a transparent audit trail.

Facilitates Board Education

Board members require constant training, from orientation to continuing education. Ensure that your board site can support and record training by giving users access to a range of training resources, including documents and videos.

Permits Individual Document Markups

When reading a document, some board members like to make notes and mark things up. Finding a board solution with annotation features that allow each board member to annotate documents makes sense privately.

With a board meeting solution created to maximize collaboration and make the process more simple and effective for the board and those who support them, you can ensure that your board and management are always up to date on the strategic insights and information, covering everything from risk management to compliance.