Software for making decisions, often known as decision support software, streamlines procedures for making wise choices. These resources assist organizations in reaching well-informed decisions and communicating outcomes to key stakeholders. While many different software solutions can help businesses make crucial decisions, decision-making tools are specialized products that give a variety of options for support. Scenario analysis, cost-benefit analysis, consensus tracking, and previous decision tracking are distinct aspects of decision-making software. Users can even access or provide pertinent data for analysis to aid decision-making. Any team can use decision-making software, but it can be especially useful for groups that meet in person or for remote teams that collaborate from different locations.

Meeting management software and board management software both contain specific decision-making software functions, most notably consensus tracking. However, special decision-making tools have functions that help with both making decisions and sharing the outcomes with stakeholders. Additionally, unlike board management software, decision-making services do not expressly target C-suite executives or board members.

A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Decision-Making category:

  • analyze and display input facts relevant to a current decision;
  • describe your scenario analysis;
  • provide resources for gathering group feedback;
  • engage and sharing decisions with internal and external stakeholders.

5 Best Decision Software


Productboard is a platform for customer-focused product management that aids businesses in bringing the best products to market more quickly. Productboard is used by more than 6,000 businesses, including Microsoft, Zoom, 1-800-Contacts, and UiPath, to identify user needs, determine what to build next, and unify the team around a roadmap. Leading investors including Dragoneer Investment Group, Tiger Global Management, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Credo Ventures support Productboard, which has offices in San Francisco, Prague, and Vancouver. Visit to learn more.


The first and only modular product management platform on the market, airfocus is designed exclusively for product teams to utilize for internal product management, market-facing products, and IT portfolio management. The adaptable platform assists product teams in managing strategy, comprehending consumer needs, prioritizing, and bringing their teams together around well-defined roadmaps. Join the countless product teams using airfocus to improve their decision-making and create world-class products. Start your 14-day trial at to learn more.


The online tool and process package 1000minds Decision Making assists both people and groups with decision-making, prioritization, cost-benefit analysis, and understanding stakeholder preferences. 1000minds is for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) and Conjoint Analysis and is based on the PAPRIKA algorithm (or Choice Modeling). With the help of our conjoint surveys, you may conduct conjoint analysis (also known as choice modeling or discrete choice experiments) with thousands of participants. Find out what matters to people when making trade-off decisions. What factors do stakeholders, such as citizens, take into account while making decisions? Which features of a novel product design matter to consumers the most? What are their weights, which indicate their relative importance (part-worth utilities)? 1000minds has garnered honors for innovation and is widely regarded for its user-friendliness and scientific validity.

FlowForma Process Automation

By using a cutting-edge methodology to create workflow and process automation technologies that have won awards, FlowForma is redefining the conventional business process management industry. We’re known for upending this market because: – Our tools are trusted by IT while giving business specialists the upper hand. We are the only vendor combining workflow with decision-making and collaborative work management. Our products are the only process automation technologies available that require absolutely no coding. With the help of the highly regarded Office 365 tool FlowForma® Process Automation, business users can quickly and adaptably implement business processes, regardless of their complexity. The FlowForma Process Automation solution, which runs on the SharePoint platform, combines decision-making, document generation, workflow, and forms in one location. is a product management tool that enables product managers to complete all of their tasks, including recording customer input, planning, making decisions, creating roadmaps, and more, in one purpose-built application that interacts with the majority of currently used platforms. is the product system of record, the authoritative data source supporting those crucial product decisions, enabling product managers to be more assured, influence stakeholders, and lead with authority. It does this by integrating and collecting all fragmented product data. In addition, gives product teams a space of their own and fosters transparency within the company by utilizing robust sharing and collaboration tools. This encourages the company to develop better products that customers will demand.